Welcome lovely human!

I'm Meghann, and I am here to help you create a truly awesome experience for your customers. 

When I was eighteen I started working on the checkout at a large supermarket. Like with most first jobs it was an excellent way to earn some money, get some work experience and (in my case anyway) meet my future husband.

I definitely didn't expect to still be in customer service ten years later (with a brief detour to get a business degree with a double major in marketing and management).

I also didn't expect to have developed a true passion for everything about the customer experience. When you're smiling for nine hours at a supermarket checkout (probably with a hangover because I was - after all - 18) you're not thinking "I'm so excited to think about sharing everything I'm learning with small business owners one day".

I guess I was wrong though - because here we are a decade later and all I want to do is explain how customer service can help your small online business bring in more customers (and turn your existing customers into loyal fans). I like to the think the holy trinity of my decade of on the ground experience (I've seen it all people), my management major (feeding my obsession with strategy and process building) and my marketing major (customer service is an untapped fountain of marketing magic) has united to create something magic that I hope to share with you.